PSM Programs

Your programs should match your actual practice.  We can help write your PSM program procedures and forms that make implementation easier. Say what you do, do what you say is our creed.

Mechanical Integrity

MI is more than filling out a checklist.  We look for not only physical problems such as failures or corrosion, by compliance issues as well such as code and standards requirements.  We also provide UT thickness testing.

Inspector Training

We were the first to offer mechanical integrity inspector training for ammonia refrigeration, and our program is constantly improving.  All training is tailored to your company policy or procedures.

PSM Training

PSM Overview or Specific training, all programs can be tailored to meet your needs.  From a high level half day presentation to an in-depth 3 day exploration of the regulation.

PHAs, Audits, Incident Investigations

Certified PHA leaders, with technical expertise in PHA-Pro and PHAWorks software, or the old-fashioned excel worksheets.  We can provide independent Audits and Incident Investigations.


Anything from simple updates to full scale as built drawings.  We can also design your marking and tagging system to match.